Progressive companies recognize the powerful impact transitional selling can have on their business, and understand how critical it is for supporting customer retention and revenue growth. This workshop is designed to educate your customer service representatives on the reality that transitional selling is the most effective, most efficient and most customer friendly sales method used today. And, it’s easy!

Workshop Overview

The class:

  • Educates participants on how common transitional selling is as a sales technique, and why so many companies utilize it
  • Stresses the customer satisfaction and revenue benefits transitional selling can create
  • Equips participants with successful techniques for bridging the conversation into a sales opportunity
  • Teaches the skills needed to most effectively transition and add value on every call in a friendly, customer-focused manner
  • Provides opportunities to practice the skills, allowing participants to demonstrate the skills they have learned in class
  • Utilizes Participant Workbooks

The workshop can be facilitated by a member of our staff or yours. It is designed in a modular format that allows you to teach the class in one session, taking about two hours, or four sessions, taking about thirty minutes each.


A CSR Inc. Trainer facilitates this workshop.


Pricing may vary. Proposals available upon request