When employees project a positive and empowered image on every call, they better satisfy your customers' expectations. As customers, we don't often think about the mechanics of courtesy. However, as customer service providers, we need to make sure that our service is friendly and effective. Studies show that when you have satisfied customers, you see increased customer loyalty, higher sales...and more new customers.

Workshop Overview

One of the most effective call center performance improvement solutions is to instill the use of good telephone etiquette by agents. This half-day course focuses on creating a positive experience for every customer and a positive image of your company.


  • Reviews and practices effective and active listening skills
  • Conveys the importance of making a commitment to build rapport and display
    a helpful, caring attitude to the customer at all times
  • Develops techniques to handle caller questions and requests with confidence
  • Offers specific procedures for transferring calls and placing customers on hold
  • Offers skill training for defusing difficult customer situations
  • Incorporates practice, allowing participants to demonstrate the skills they have learned


Participants will be able to communicate consistently in a positive manner and have a thorough grasp of proper call center telephone etiquette. They will understand the importance of positive interactions with every customer.

Participants will have:

  • Increased call ownership
  • Greater enthusiasm and empathy
  • Improved responsiveness
  • A higher level of confidence


A CSR Inc. Trainer can facilitate this workshop, or we can train your Trainers to deliver the course. Leader's Guide packages are available.


Pricing may vary. Proposals available upon request.