Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Go Beyond Quality & Mystery Calling with Customer Satisfaction Surveys

You can exponentially increase the value of your agent evaluations by comparing them to actual customer satisfaction surveys. Don’t guess about what matters to customers.  To understand your customer’s experiences you need to ask them.  Capture IVR (interactive voice response) and ICR (Interactive Computer Response) data directly in our new Head-to-Head report that compares results for each program. CSR’s IVR and ICR tools make it easy to measure customer satisfaction.  

IVR Highlights:

  • Data Integration
  • Question Branching
    (Skip Patterns)
  • Multiple Languages
  • High Volume at a Low Cost

ICR Highlights:

  • Custom Web Address
  • Company Branding
  • Verification Codes
  • Branching and Skip Patterns
  • Prizes and Incentives to Increase Customer Response

“I just can’t overstate how impressed I am with your reporting.  I am a big believer in timely feedback, and going in I expected to see reporting that would take at least a day if not more to populate.  Sometimes interactions appear on the Winners Report within minutes, or in just an hour or two!  When we can provide feedback that quickly to our representatives, it really helps reinforce the behavioral changes we are trying to implement
in our group.  Today we are having our best day yet as a call center with 13 “Yes” calls (our previous high in one day
was 10) and only 4 “No” calls so far, for a 76.5% success rate. 
Thank you once again for providing such outstanding tools.”

- Andy Isenburg, Billing Manager, Comcast Cable Communications