Any call center improvement solution must include strategies for retaining customers. Boosting your company’s customer retention rate by just 2% has the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10%. It’s a proactive strategy for improving your bottom line. Successful agents learn how to handle these very difficult calls. Our one-day workshop gives them the skills and strategies they need to respond effectively to retention calls.

Workshop Overview

This workshop is more than learning proper call center telephone etiquette. We teach a step-by-step retention formula that helps employees master the skills they need to turn every retention effort into a successful save.


  • Incorporates pre-class surveys to customize the class to your specific challenges
  • Provides techniques to uncover the "true" reasons for customers wanting to cancel products and services
  • Presents methods to address customers' concerns and overcome objections
  • Reinforces the importance of re-selling the value of your products and services
  • Introduces a formula for saving customers, including logical reasons to keep products and services
  • Incorporates practice, allowing your employees to demonstrate the skills they have learned to retain your customers


Upon completion, participants will have the understanding and confidence to communicate your unique competitive advantages.

Your company will see:

  • Reduction in revenue loss
  • Better handling of customer concerns
  • Improved customer loyalty


A CSR Inc. Trainer can facilitate this workshop, or we can train your Trainers to deliver the course. Leader's Guide packages are available.


Pricing may vary. Proposals available upon request.