We are successful because of our employees and field staff. CSR Inc.'s team understands the importance of exceptional
customer experiences. Driven to empower front line call
center personnel with the skills needed to exceed your customers’ expectations, the CSR Inc. staff has transformed
best practices into successful programs for multiple
industries where superior customer service matters.

Liz French
Team Leader

Liz applies more than 30 years of executive experience to leading CSR Inc. Her focus is on the company’s strategic direction, operational success, and delivering results for every client. Prior to joining CSR Inc. in 1992, Liz held leadership positions in sales and service at HBO and Time Warner Cable (ATC). She has also served on the local and national boards of Women in Cable and Telecommunications (WICT) and as a member of the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) for more than 25 years.

Sherry Luce
Operations Leader

Sherry has been a member of the CSR Inc. leadership team for more than 14 years.
She manages company operations - overseeing our entire client-project process.
Prior to joining CSR Inc., Sherry spent 13 years in call center management in the telecommunications industry.


Caller & Evaluation Teams

CSR Inc. recruits and trains a committed and talented team of virtual customer service & sales professionals. Once assembled, we train the callers, evaluators and quality control supervisors to focus on your program’s goals and performance standards. This in-depth training produces callers and evaluators who think, listen and provide feedback to drive effective changes in your call center’s front line performance. Our Quality Control team constantly monitors our field teams to ensure ongoing calibration with your goals and requirements. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction in Your Call Center Today. 

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