Successful agents are the foundation of your company’s long-term success. They need to be exceptional at communicating product benefits and value to your customers. Our one-day sales workshop turns reactive order takers into skilled sales makers.

Workshop Overview

Our workshop prepares your front line employees to effectively sell the many products your company offers.


  • Incorporates optional e-learning pre-class work to assess product knowledge
  • Lays the foundation for needs-based selling principles specific to your product offerings
  • Develops sales training themes customized for your business
  • Provides transitional selling techniques to turn every call into a sales opportunity
  • Strengthens skills on how to target customer needs with appropriate products
  • Prepares front line employees to effectively present the value of your products and services
    so as to promote their long-term retention
  • Equips front line employees with successful techniques to overcome objections


At the end of this customized call center sales training seminar, your agents will possess the know-how to sell the value of your products. They will recognize appropriate opportunities to up-sell customers on every call. The process turns already successful agents into a winning sales team prepared to meet the challenging goals of your expanding business.

Your company will see:

  • Increase in sales due to higher closing rates and product sell-in
  • Longer-term customers through promotion of product value
  • Greater revenue from up-selling products


A CSR Inc. Trainer can facilitate this workshop, or we can train your Trainers to deliver the course. Leader's Guide packages are available.


Pricing may vary. Proposals available upon request.