Goal: To create successful Customer Service Representatives who make every customer call a positive and productive experience. This two-day program provides front line employees with a blueprint for improving customer service, sales, and etiquette skills. The course offers practical and logical instruction for all required skills used by customer service representatives.

Workshop Overview


  • Incorporates a modular format so delivery can be conducted in segments, or on two consecutive days.
  • Equips both new hires and front line veterans to deliver outstanding service.
  • Strengthens techniques for handling all types of calls with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Demonstrates practical, easily understood techniques for adopting and using successful customer service and sales skills, including proper call center telephone etiquette.
  • Includes practice opportunities so that employees can put the skills they learn to immediate use.


Upon completion of the program, employees have a clear understanding of how to use professional customer service and sales skills on every call.

You will attain:

  • An improved professional image of your company
  • More satisfied customers
  • Greater sales
  • Lasting customer loyalty


A CSR Inc. Trainer can facilitate training for improving quality in call centers or we can train your Trainers on how to deliver the program. Leader’s Guide packages are available.


Pricing may vary. Proposals available upon request