You’ve put the time and money into a call center performance improvement solution.  Now make sure your supervisors have the training they need to manage a quality monitoring program. It takes more than an introductory course to turn your supervisors into experts.  They need support and practice to apply the call center training ideas they’ve learned. 

Program Overview

This program can be adapted to your operational needs. We can design one or a combination of the following approaches:

On-Site Support

A CSR Inc. Trainer visits your location to provide support, calibration and improvement recommendations to supervisors. Our Trainers observe your supervisors in actual coaching sessions. After the observations, they provide individual customer service training in private support sessions to help improve the supervisor’s coaching techniques.

Telephone Support

A CSR Inc. Trainer can provide over-the-phone support and calibration for supervisor call monitoring coaching techniques. This support is of great benefit in building confidence prior to providing one-on-one feedback to employees.


Our coaching support programs are structured to give your supervisors the most effective and intense training to help identify best practices in customer relationship management and nurture successful agents.


Supervisor support programs can be implemented to best serve your organization's needs.

  • On-site coaching observations
  • Telephone support


Pricing may vary. Proposals available upon request.