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Bringing it into the Home: Customer Service in the Field

Customer service isn’t what it used to be, but I don’t mean that in a negative sense. In fact – by nearly every measure – companies are working harder than ever, from training through resolution, to resolve customer issues quickly and to provide a positive customer experience.

The Call Center Customer Experience

Using Customer Data is Effective, But Respect Privacy

A few weeks ago, I read an interesting piece on ‘crossing the creepy line’ published back in 2013 on PACE’s blog (‘Using Context to Avoid Creepy’). The article got me thinking about the fine line between ‘creepy’ and ‘customer service excellence.’ When I hear amazing customer service stories like the Morton’s Steakhouse flight dinner delivery, it’s clear that there are avenues for a personalized customer experience without the unsettling ‘big brother-style’ intrusion.

Your Marketing Department Really Cares About Inbound Call Center Activity. At Least, They Should.

Inbound call centers are today’s prized lead generator for marketing departments in the know. It’s not even a ‘secret,’ or ‘industry insider knowledge’ – but rather just another avenue for face-time (so to speak) with consumers who have less and less bandwidth for traditional sales methods.

Delivering In-Home Service Excellence

Sales & Service training for technicians help build your Company’s image & bottom-line.

In the Telecom and Cable industries, installers and service technicians are generally the only face of your Company the customer will ever see. Whether they are installing a cable box or troubleshooting a line problem, they are the face your customer will put to your brand.