How Important is Training for Call Center Supervisors & Managers?

Customer Service Starts With Coaching the Coaches
Many times when we think about Call Center Quality Assurance, we focus our attention on the front line agents. We also tend to focus most of the training & coaching in a customer service organization on customer service reps (CSRs). Front line agents can only perform to the level of quality they are trained to know.

The Best of the Worst Customer Service

There are so many examples of truly horrible call center experiences out there. Just Google ‘worst customer service stories’ and browse through some of the 13.8 million results. As you read about some of these customer service incidents, believe me – the outrage will build:

Knowledgeable Phone Reps, the Hold Button and Happy Customers

For the last few years, the mantra of most customer service organizations has been “let’s provide memorable customer experiences.” The customer experience has quickly – and quite firmly – taken the top spot in the goals of most (but not all) organizations.

Call Center Changes Afoot for 2016?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve read several roundup articles of predictions for the call center industry – most of which were written end-of-year in 2015. The predictions largely fell into one of two categories: technical or procedural (though there can be some overlap).

8 Coaching Tactics for Improving the Customer Experience

No matter how skilled a front line customer service agent is, they can always benefit from coaching. Coaching equips a less experienced agent or poor performer with the tools to improve, and motivates high achievers to stay at the top of their abilities. It also lays out a clear path for them to keep challenging themselves to improve.

Handling Difficult Call Center Callers: The Art of Thick-Skin

Yes, the customer experience is ‘all important.’ But even pros will tell you it can sometimes be a challenge.

Practically everyone in business has encountered an angry, hostile customer.

The ‘Effortless Transaction’ & Operational Improvements on Tap for Call Centers in 2016

Effortless Transactions for Effortless Customer Experiences
Divining future trends in the call center industry is guess-work, at best. Predictions tend to run the gamut – more automation, improved workflows, better and more accurate QA. But we’re all in agreement on the rising importance of the ‘effortless transaction.’

Call Center Turnover Negatively Impacts the Customer Experience

Trained Agents Translate Into Customer Retention

Is it any wonder companies are waking up to the power of the customer experience? When customers calculate whether they had a good experience with your company...

The Call Center Customer Experience

Using Customer Data is Effective, But Respect Privacy

A few weeks ago, I read an interesting piece on ‘crossing the creepy line’ published back in 2013 on PACE’s blog (‘Using Context to Avoid Creepy’). The article got me thinking about the fine line between ‘creepy’ and ‘customer service excellence.’ When I hear amazing customer service stories like the Morton’s Steakhouse flight dinner delivery, it’s clear that there are avenues for a personalized customer experience without the unsettling ‘big brother-style’ intrusion.

Call Center Operations: Aisle Huddles and Other Performance Improvement Techniques

Call Center Performance improvement

It’s no surprise to call center managers and supervisors that hiring & training a high-performance front line is only half the battle. Identifying  techniques to maintain or improve performance in call center operations – and using them properly to motivate agents & encourage ongoing excellence – plays a key role in call center quality assurance, as well as operations.

Call Center Performance Improvement: 7 Tips for Inbound Mystery Coaching Call Evaluations

The Value of Feedback

First things first: accurate, timely feedback offers tremendous value to both call center front line agents and their employers. Mystery calls – calls where a third party evaluates customer service performance as well as adherence to specific company policies remotely via telephone – are a widely-used practice that let companies keep tabs on agent performance while providing the feedback they need to improve.

Coaching the Coach

Knowledgeable, Trained Call Center Directors and Managers the Key to Improving Quality

Quality Training Pays Huge Dividends
Wandering around a tradeshow floor, I found myself following two gentleman down an aisle. “It sounds like you’ve got quality problems. You’ll definitely want to pour money into agent training,” one said to the other. “I would, but my budget is getting hammered,” was the reply. The other nodded in agreement: “Yeah, quality costs.”  (I admit to eavesdropping. I had to. They dropped the ‘Q’ word.)

Delivering In-Home Service Excellence

Sales & Service training for technicians help build your Company’s image & bottom-line.

In the Telecom and Cable industries, installers and service technicians are generally the only face of your Company the customer will ever see. Whether they are installing a cable box or troubleshooting a line problem, they are the face your customer will put to your brand.

CSR Inc. Partnering Success Story: Increasing Sell-In Rates & Winning Industry Awards

The rise of competitive providers over the last 15 years has slowly eroded a portion of traditional cable subscribers. Cable TV providers nationwide have experienced high degrees of customer retention issues, and have (accordingly) expressed varying degrees of apprehension over the growth of competitive providers.

Front Line Call Team Training: Turning Order Takers Into Sales Makers

Let your front line build your bottom line.

Shifting from a customer service- to a sales-oriented call center is not as simple as merely declaring a new policy. It’s a multi-step process that requires revising the way a Company manages recruitment & hiring, internal and external messaging, training, front line communications, accountability and more.

CSR and the Training Cycle

In my last post on call center agent coaching, I mentioned the importance of employee development, and creating an atmosphere in which it’s a constant, ongoing focus. A commitment to call center employee development benefits both front-line personnel and the company. It’s a sure-fire way to consistently improve service, sales and customer satisfaction on the business side (bottom-line improvements), while also raising employee morale and retention.