Reading List: Customer Experience, Agent Performance, Coaching and a PACE Recap

Some noteworthy articles around the industry caught my attention, and I thought I’d share some of them.

Abruptness is Not a Good Customer Service Model.


Over at is an interesting (and sobering) read on the widespread failure of companies to measure agent performance (59% Fail to Measure Agent Performance). Among the numbers from Enghouse Interactive’s survey, 63% said their business couldn’t accurately forecast call volumes.

But I think this may have been the most groan-inducing stat for me:

“37% of respondents highlighted the ‘ability to drive down average handle time and answer calls more quickly’ as key to delivering quality service.”

Hmmmm – trying to reduce your engagement to as short a period of time as possible. What could possibly go wrong? (Or right, for that matter?) Fortunately, Michael Lynch rescued me from the depths of utter despondence with his piece on coaching to deliver results, reinforcing a point I made in my last post on the impact of turnover on customer experience.

“Highly engaged employees tend to have lower levels of absence, stay with your business longer (reducing attrition) and often deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction. “

Brands Chase Customer Experience
First up, is the customer experience – and every day, there’s another headline in this space.  From Genesys and Microsoft are expanding their collaboration for customer experience delivery, involving Genesys’ use of Microsoft’s Skype to provide rich video support for their customer experience platform. This follows on the heels of Lenovo turning to Qubit for help executing a digital customer experience strategy to help grow its online channels in North America.

Outbound Telemarketing – Risky Business?
While the bulk of our work at CSR is with inbound customer service-oriented organizations, this article on some of the risks and legal implications of outbound telemarketing was eye-opening. There are a number of regulatory issues (opt-in, robocalling) that are front and center for the industry, and a PACEarticle recapping a recent conference (PACE TCPA Summit Recap: Outbound telemarketing is risky business!) was a very interesting read.

Have you read anything interesting on the call center industry lately? Please share