Happening Now: Somewhere, Someone is Delivering Killer Customer Service


With so many companies in the news recently for making “worst of” lists when it comes to the quality of their customer service, it’s nice to point out some examples of amazing customer service delivery.

So I searched and searched and searched and…. just kidding!

Fact is, there are many examples of great customer service – from the popular & widely-discussed Zappos to less-well-known-but-no-less-loved supermarket chains such as H-E-B and Publix. In spite of the drumbeat of news negativity, customer service is making strides as companies increasingly recognize its role as a competitive differentiator. While many of the “best of” companies are either web-based or store-based (face-to-face customer service), there are some examples of call center excellence as well.

Here are two of the better-known firms that have embraced many of the qualities in their customer service organizations that drive success:

Amazon – Online… and By Phone
Amazon, widely-regarded as the king of e-customer service, has been building up its call center operations. This logistical superpower proves adept at customer service beyond the web. Amazon’s call centers are providing the same excellent response times and follow-up it has become known for in e-commerce circles.

Chase – Here in the U.S.
Not all banks deliver excellent customer service, and typically credit unions tend to outscore the mega financial institutions. There are exceptions, however, which are constantly heralded as for their customer-friendly excellence, notably Chase Bank. Chase call center agents – based in the U.S….wow! – understand the details of their service offerings and are a joy to speak with.

Which companies would you add to the “nice” list?