Delivering In-Home Service Excellence

Sales & Service training for technicians help build your Company’s image & bottom-line.


In the Telecom and Cable industries, installers and service technicians are generally the only face of your Company the customer will ever see. Whether they are installing a cable box or troubleshooting a line problem, they are the face your customer will put to your brand.

More than Image-Building

Yes – your Company’s image is – in large part – in the hands of your installers and techs. Their professionalism and competence will largely determine the quality of the outcome of the service – and hence your brand reputation in the eyes of each customer. Your service team can impact your firm in other ways, as well:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Generate higher sales
  • Create more loyal customers

Maximizing the In-Home Service Opportunity

Installers and technicians deliver something few others in the Company can – virtually undivided attention and face-time with the customer. Given that consumer bandwidth is becoming rarer and more difficult to capture – that isn’t a small thing, by any means.

Training on Customer Care Skills & Sales

Service team members have a tremendous opportunity – through their one-on-one interactions – to identify issues or problems customers may have, and suggest products or services that may better answer to the customer’s pain point(s).

I’ve written before about transitional sales and the impact it can have on both bottom lines and customer satisfaction & retention. The lessons (and the opportunities for upselling) apply as much in the call center as they do during in-house service calls.

CSR – Training & Workshops Spell Success

At CSR, we’re pretty heavy training advocates … and not just for sales, but all customer-facing personnel. We’ve developed workshops designed to equip both veterans and new hires with the skills needed to deliver exceptional customer service.

The three most common challenges untrained in-house service team members face when it comes to delivering top notch sales and service to customers? 1) Lack of confidence; 2) Lack of knowledge; and 3) Lack of specific skills.

The good news is that Sales & Service training can help overcome each of these challenges and turn your in-house service teams into a valuable sales resource. A proper combination of trainer facilitation, workbooks, interactive learning and role-playing exercises can provide a strong underpinning of customer care skills. Training strengthens communication techniques for confidently handling in-home visits with a focus on in-home etiquette and sales skills. The benefits are also immediate: employees can leave training and begin putting their newfound skills to use helping improve both your firm’s bottom line as well as consumer perception.

Does your organization train in-house service personnel to deliver top-notch service?