CSR Inc. Partnering Success Story: Increasing Sell-In Rates & Winning Industry Awards


The rise of competitive providers over the last 15 years has slowly eroded a portion of traditional cable subscribers. Cable TV providers nationwide have experienced high degrees of customer retention issues, and have (accordingly) expressed varying degrees of apprehension over the growth of competitive providers.

Customer Challenges
A top-ten national cable television, phone and internet supplier with nearly three quarters of a million customers in 19 states was concerned about the potential loss of subscribers due to the rising availability of satellite service providers in their service areas.

The Company was also a great example of what I mentioned in my last post about shifting the front line from customer service to a sales focus. While they were already committed to front line sales, their objective was to find ways to improve their front line sales and service skills. Just as important, the Company also wanted to establish a company-wide standard of excellence.

CSR Solutions
CSR Inc. was brought onboard to develop a comprehensive quality assurance program, custom-tailored to the business and its objectives. CSR’s program included the development of performance standards, training programs and a quality assurance mystery calling and evaluation program.

CSR helped the Company:

  • increase their quality assurance scores by 75% over 2½ years.
  • Increase their sell-in rate by 25% over 4 years.

Reflecting the Company’s commitment to quality, they were awarded the distinction of the highest-rated cable company by JD Power and Associates.