Call Center Thoughts From Around the Web

I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few good reads I’ve seen recently on the subject of call centers, customer service and quality assurance 

First up was a piece on Increasing Customer Loyalty in the “Age of Experience” at The author stressed training and also ‘gamification’ (e.g., the use of ‘incentive’ or ‘rewards’ programs, which I’ve previously discussed here).

The emphasis on call center training came up in another article at callcentertimes: The Battle for Customers. Author John Tschohl explains that the most important weapon companies possess in the ongoing battle for customers is customer service:

“Limiting negative customer experiences through ongoing customer service training can help minimize the impact of isolated instances of poor service.“                                                                                

Growth in U.S. Call Center Jobs, Reshoring
Tracey Schelmetic wrote a piece back in April at on the growth of the U.S. Call Center industry. (Spoiler alert: yes, U.S. call centers are generally hiring and expanding). It’s common to see numerous articles about the growth of call center operations abroad online – i.e., Turkish call center industry experiencing 20% growth, India expanding call centers, Philippines contact center industry continues growth boom, etc. It’s nice to see the growth of the call center industry is truly a global trend, and that the economics of reshoring jobs to the U.S. is perhaps starting to catch up with customer preferences.

The Mega-Merger That Wasn’t, and the Mega-Merger That May Be
With the recent almost-mega-merger of Comcast and Time Warner, followed quickly by the proposed mega-mega-merger of Charter and Time Warner, what’s it all mean for the cable call center business?

It’s anyone’s guess, but things certainly aren’t standing still: I saw this article last month about Comcast opening a 100,000 square foot call center in Tucson. (Interesting: the purpose of those 1,100 Comcast call center agents will be to help repair the Company’s reputation, according to this May 22, 2015 segment from

Has there been any industry news that caught your attention recently?