Call Center Quality Monitoring and Scoring: Five Things You May Not Know, But Should.

Monitoring, scoring and taking steps to improve call quality are the cornerstone of a successful call center operation, irrespective of industry or operational function – whether sales, inbound customer service or otherwise.

Here are five quick takeaways about call center quality programs that those responsible for call center quality should consider:

  1. Call Center Quality Program Setup – It Matters.
    When designing a quality program, how it is implemented matters to its overall success. Appropriate set-up of a call quality monitoring program can prevent problems down the road, and create a performance-driven environment early on.
  2. Positive Coaching Makes the Difference.
    Quality monitoring and scoring is an incredibly important tool for call center managers, but transforming data into actionable quality improvements amongst front line personnel requires a deft touch. Proper positive coaching requires (what else?) good positive coaches, well-trained on the techniques.  Call Center supervisor training is a must to properly motivate, support and develop a call center front line team.
  3. Training. And More Training. Front line reps should be trained on the standards and – wherever and whenever possible – provided job aids to assist them. Remember: training isn’t a one-shot deal, and it’s one of the most important things call center managers can do to meet their objectives.
  4. Calibrate. Recalibrate. Rinse. Repeat.
    Improving call outcomes. Identifying problem areas. Adjusting to new work flows. Quality operations should be recalibrated monthly to adapt to operational changes. Monthly calibrations are critical to maintaining front line morale and avoiding disillusioned team members.
  5. Change is Good, But Performance Standards Must Go With the Flow.
    Quality in successful call centers can fall victim to shifts in the business, whether it’s a shift in focus or mission or new operational procedures. Performance standards should be dynamic, changing to align with the business today. And when standards are changed to adapt to new realities, benchmark call center performance at the outset – and hold agents accountable for improvement. 

How much emphasis does your company place on call center quality programs?