Great job, CSR team! Your quick and incisive analysis
sparked a rapid improvement in our customers' experience! Mission accomplished!

- Tim Bechtold, Director, Support Center, Jackson Hewitt Technology Services

Performance Measurement  

Increase Your Sales & Improve Your Customer Retention

Do your call center teams need a boost in sales or retention? By implementing a custom program, you can concentrate on increasing your sales and improving your customer retention numbers. We’ll develop measurement criteria based on your specific needs and market conditions.

We can design the sales and retention program to focus on your entire call center, on your generalists, or on specialty queues.

CSR Inc. provides three program design options for sales and retention. With diagnostic, coaching and incentive programs available, we’ll work with you to choose the appropriate program for your needs.

Mystery Coaching Calls - Point of Contact Coaching
Offering you one more coaching touch-point, our mystery coaching calls are designed to increase your sales and improve customer retention. Our clients have experienced a 10% to 12% increase in sales from coaching call programs.

Coaching reinforces the desired skills and encourages agents to apply them in all customer interactions. From promo roll-offs to new product offerings, our coaches use their expertise to evaluate performance and immediately pinpoint ways for each rep to improve. They coach reps by targeting skills and techniques that will drive improvement to your bottom line.

Behavior-Based Incentive Programs
Coaching + Reward = Success.
Our “instant win” model, combined with mystery coaching
calls, gives immediate rewards to customer service representatives who demonstrate
the desired behavior. This positive reinforcement boosts sales and reinforces skill
use on every call

Mystery Shopping
Our mystery shopping programs are effective and unique tools that measure the strengths and weaknesses surrounding your customer’s experience. Our 26 years in customer service uniquely positions us to partner with you to create a program with clear and actionable results. We carefully and expertly craft criteria based on what is important to you and provide you with results, trends and net promoter scores. Utilizing an extensive national data base of shoppers, we recruit, instruct and review each mystery shop for compliance. Our robust reporting is available to you and your team on-demand. Take advantage of our expertise in the evaluation of the customer experience and see your performance from the perspective of your customer. Call us to get started on your mystery shopper program.

Diagnostic/Baseline Benchmark
This design option benchmarks your team’s current sales/retention performance. Call Retrieval options include either actual customer calls or mystery calls. Since a diagnostic program is strictly a measurement, coaching is not conducted. We provide standard reporting sets and analysis options


I just want to let you know that I am LOVING this incentive in the Portland region and it has been extremely positive and people are definitely asking more often for sales because of it.

- Sherry Conrad, Customer Service Manager, Comcast-Portland