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80% of a customer’s impression of your company is determined by the initial contact with your call center representatives. To give them the skills they need to be successful Customer Service Representatives, you must do more than simply pass information down the line. You must identify where they can improve and provide effective coaching so they can deliver results.

“You don't improve service and quality in general. You improve service and quality in specific.”

Dr. Rodney Dueck, Park Nicollet Medical Centers, Minneapolis


Quality Monitoring

CSR Inc.’s comprehensive Quality Monitoring and Evaluation programs ensure that your call center representatives reflect your commitment to providing customers with exceptional service, while also improving sales and customer retention. Custom-designed programs include:

  • Documented performance standards that align with your company’s business goals, service vision, training and sales expectations
  • Monitoring forms that are in alignment with your performance standards and training initiatives
  • Evaluations of mystery calls or actual customer calls
  • Regular calibration with your management and supervisors
  • Consistent and unbiased evaluation of your frontline performance
  • On demand reporting platform accessible 24/7
  • Use our cloud based evaluation application for your Quality team

Working with you, we design and develop the content of your Quality Monitoring Program. But, our work doesn’t stop there. Our goal is to create a partnership between your call center management team and our client services group. The objective of this partnership is to jointly support your goals by reviewing your progress, keeping you informed and providing recommendations to improve performance. On a regular basis, CSR Inc.’s management team calibrates with your supervisory team and provides progress reviews. Calibration sessions bring together your supervisors and CSR Inc. client services managers to listen to calls, reach consensus on proper scoring, and role-play a coaching session. In addition, included on each evaluation are recommendations for coaching front line personnel towards exceptional customer service. Your role is to insure that consistent coaching occurs for each agent.

Performance Standards -

CSR Inc. works with your team to define and develop objective, measurable customer service and sales performance standards. These standards define and set the example for the skills and behaviors you want your customer service agents to display when interacting with your customers. Once documented these performance standards become the backbone of front line training, coaching and feedback, internal and external monitoring, and performance measurement. Performance standards ensure consistency throughout your organization.

Call Retrieval – Actual Customer Calls and Mystery Calls
To effectively measure the customer service experience, we must listen to or experience transactions with your front line personnel directly. Therefore, we simulate a customer transaction with a mystery call or retrieve previously recorded calls.

Call Evaluations

Our highly trained evaluators analyze each customer interaction, in accordance with the monitoring form and corresponding performance standards designed for you. Evaluators’ comments include recommendations that are useful to your supervisors when coaching the front line personnel. Once evaluated and quality controlled, each call is linked to the evaluation and posted on our secure website in your password-protected folder. From there, supervisors can, at their convenience, review the evaluations and listen to the calls with your representatives.

Our quality control staff reviews a minimum of 10% of your evaluated calls, scoring them a second time to assure that our evaluations are consistent. CSR Inc. relies on an internal system of checks and balances to ensure the quality of our service for you.

As a third-party resource, CSR Inc. provides unbiased evaluations for a fair and objective quality monitoring program. Our continuous call recording and evaluation process ensures consistency and prevents a lapse in monitoring.

On-Demand Reporting

CSR Inc. features intuitive, user-friendly web-based reporting for on-demand access to results 24/7. Real-time web access lets you quickly gauge how your representatives are performing and allows you to react accordingly. Our reporting platform enables your management team to review results at their convenience, selecting from many report sorts and filters so you can drill down and retrieve specific information. We offer both standard and custom reports – whichever best meets your needs. Our suite of standard and custom include the following:

  • Location reports
  • Trending and Graph Reports
  • Data Mining/Cross Tab Reports
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Configurable Headers for agent evaluation
  • Reporterator – our team can build client specific reports without programming

Sales and Retention Performance Measurement

Driving Revenue…It’s in the Hands of Your Front Line.

In today’s economic and competitive climate no sales or service opportunity can be overlooked! With your revenue being in the hands of your front line, your sales and service teams need to be skilled and confident.

These programs specifically concentrate on increasing your sales and improving customer retention. The focus can be directed to your entire call center, generalists, or specialty queues. We offer a few design options:

  • Diagnostic/Baseline Benchmark – This design option benchmarks your team’s current sales/retention performance. Call Retrieval options include either actual customer calls or mystery calls. Since a diagnostic program is strictly a measurement, coaching is not conducted. We provide standard reporting sets and analysis options.
  • Point of Contact Coaching “PoC” Teams are professional coaches who blend their years of sales experience with knowledge of your products, sales & retention priorities and call requirements. From promo roll-offs and rate increases to new product offerings and new packages, they use their expertise to evaluate performance and immediately pinpoint ways for each rep to improve their performance. They coach reps targeting skills and techniques that will drive improvement to your bottom line.
    • On Site Coaching Assistance
    • Mystery Coaching Calls and Behavioral Based Incentive Programs

Go beyond Quality and Mystery Calling with our new Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Exponentially increase the value of your agent evaluations by comparing it to actual customer satisfaction surveys. Capture IVR and ICR (Interactive Computer Response) data directly in our new Head to Head report that compares results for each program. Our new IVR and ICR tools make it easy to measure customer satisfaction.

IVR Highlights:

  • Data Integration
  • Question Branching (Skip Patterns)
  • Multiple Languages
  • High Volume at a Low Cost

ICR Highlights:

  • Custom Web address
  • Company Branding
  • Verification codes
  • Branching and Skip Patterns
  • Prizes and Incentives to increase customer response


CSR Inc. offers a full line of customizable training programs that are developed to your specifications. Our training programs are practical facilitator-led or e-learning solutions that work. We offer customized, interactive workshops that are targeted to your front line team and those who support the front line.

Our modular approach to training enables you to accommodate the daily demands of your call center with practical, easy-to-apply methods that can be put into immediate use. We keep your whole team motivated to improve and succeed, with certification and incentive programs that provide your employees with opportunities to showcase their performance and earn recognition.

"If you train people well enough, you can get out of their way and let them do the job."

James Barksdale, President, McCaw Communications


Delivering Service Excellence - call center reps

Monitoring and Coaching Workshop - call center supervisors & managers

Transitional Sales - customer care reps

Coaching the Coach - call center directors and managers

Coaching Support - supervisors

Exceptional Sales Techniques - call center reps

Retaining Customers/Selling the Value - call center reps

Telephone Etiquette and Beyond - call center reps

Delivering In-Home Service Excellence - field technicians and installers

Managing In-Home Service Excellence - technical and installer managers

An investment in front line training is an investment in your company’s growth and success. Call CSR Inc. today for details on facilitated or e-learning workshops.